Roi  Dagobert

a.k.a. (  Sombre Biquette )




Ses styles musicaux de prédilection : black_metalblack_metal_depressifblack_metal_norvegien

Instruments : basse electroniqueguitare electronique

Statut : amateur

Age :


Bio : Bathory formed in Vällingby in March 1983.[10] Quorthon (then known as "Ace Shot", a name inspired by sex jokes, two Motörhead songs – Ace of Spades and Sharpshooter[11] – and Ace Frehley of Kiss), a 17-year-old guitarist, was joined by bass guitarist Frederick Melander ("Hanoi"[11]) and drummer Jonas Åkerlund ("Vans McBurger"[11]). According to Quorthon, he settled on the name 'Bathory' after a visit to the London Dungeon, although Jonas says that it was taken from the Venom song "Countess Bathory".[12] The Venom song was based on the life of Elizabeth Báthory who is believed to be the most prolific female murderer. Before settling on 'Bathory', the band considered several names; including Nosferatu, Natas, Mephisto, Elizabeth Bathory and Countess Bathory.[13] Quorthon worked part-time at the small record label Tyfon Grammofon, which was owned by his father, Börje Forsberg.[12] In late 1983, the label was putting together a compilation of songs by Scandinavian metal bands.[14] However, at the last minute, one of the bands backed out. Tyfon agreed to let Bathory appear on the record as a replacement. The album, called Scandinavian Metal Attack, was released in March 1984 and was Bathory's first appearance on record.[15] Unexpectedly, the two Bathory tracks "Sacrifice" and "The Return of Darkness and Evil" drew a great deal of fan mail


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