Roi  Dagobert

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Ses styles musicaux de prédilection : black_metalblack_metal_depressifblack_metal_norvegien

Instruments : basse electroniquebatterieguitare accoustique

Statut : amateur

Age :


Bio : After Blood Fire Death, the band shed its early black metal style. Their fifth album, Hammerheart (1990), was the first "archetypical Viking metal album".[27] This was said to have been influenced by the American power metal band Manowar, although Quorthon described this rumour as "another total misconception".[25] A music video was made for the song "One Rode to Asa Bay". The style of Hammerheart was continued on Twilight of the Gods (1991) and Blood on Ice (recorded in 1989 but completed in 1996). With Requiem (1994) and Octagon (1995), Bathory changed style once more, this time turning to retro-thrash in the vein of 1980s Bay Area thrash bands. However, the 2001 release Destroyer of Worlds was a transitional release that led to a full return to the Viking metal style with the releases of Nordland I (2002) and Nordland II (2003).


Pour le contacter : theSleeplessBlackGoat@gmail.com

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